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Nutritional Analysis 15

New Canadian Nutrition Facts Tables and Management of 'Added Sugars' 

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Integrated management of recipe allergens 

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New  graphics components of your recipe



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Still the most accurate calculation of the nutritional industry. 

The reference in nutrition labeling !

Now more than 375 companies have purchased the software.

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The nutritional analysis software has been designed to allow you to analyze the nutritional value of your own recipes, as well as provide the necessary information for the production and labeling of food products in industry.

You can now print your nutrition labels using Health Canada’s new standards. You can choose from among more than 40 standard, horizontal and linear label formats. The labels are printed taking into account the rule for rounding off the amounts for each nutrient.

The software has all the features necessary for simple and efficient use. It requires no special knowledge in nutrition or even computers.

 Calculate the nutritional value of your recipes has never been easier!

All necessary instructions for using the software are given to you in a clear manner. In addition, you have access to our technical phone support during the first year of use at no extra charge.

Calculation of cost/serving of each recipe.

  • You can choose from more than 160 nutrients within 2001, 2005, 2007, 2010 and 2015 Canadian Nutrient files, all included in the software, with over 6700 ingredients/foods.
  • The nutritional value of each recipe can be calculated either per 100 grams or for the portion size you have defined yourself.
  • The results will indicate the percentage of the recommended Canadian or American daily intake for every nutrient for which a standard exists.
  • You can use international or imperial units of measure, by weight or volume. The software directly performs the necessary conversions


You can now add your own nutrients in the database 

Your recipes are stored on your computer and you can change them at any time. 

  • For each ingredient used, the software indicates the percentage of the weight relative to the total weight of the recipe.
  • The final output of the recipe can be calculated from the number and size of each portion.
  • Nutritional values chart are automatically generated.
  • Eliminates laborious calculations necessary for the nutritional analysis of recipes.
  • Facilitates the modification of recipes by instantly providing the nutritional value.
  • Provides the necessary information for the production and the labeling of food.
  • Nutritional information can be exported to a Microsoft Access database.
  • The images of the labels can be stored on your hard drive.
  • Detailed and customizable data sheet showing the composition of the recipe and the value of all the required nutrients.


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